Thursday, April 25, 2013

Online education for change

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Online education innovation of the last two years the company has appeared, including innovation works investment of Bay Networks, Liu ren investment networks, and so on, but overall was less monotonous, because bandwidth costs are still too high, affecting video innovations in educational innovation and highly collaborative. Meanwhile, over-concentration of resources on cities, University support for online learning and education open source is insufficient, affecting online education content depth and systematic, overall online education target groups young and slightly oakleys
United States there are a lot of online programming courses website, I used to feel very good, easy to learn, easy take an interest in reducing the difficulty, which is read-only, or not available in the traditional way of teaching, of course, such particulars, since programming is very dependent on the PC. Testing system for online courses and in other areas is also very much, these systems will help learners to record route and the process of learning and sense of overall learning and fluency is very high, very many fields can be implemented in such a oakley sunglasses
Online education is also relatively shallow, more focused on the areas of adult and children's education and e-learning is an area of great value, that could put the kids in a junior on the high quality of learning, reducing geographical impact of regional difference of schools teaching level. oakley outlet

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